Cleaning Aquariums

IMG_5473 panda house

IMG_5477 panda house

Our light table is a favorite exploration area in our room.  Stories are told almost every hour during the day there.  In the above photo you can see a variety of items being used to create a Panda House.  The children are encouraged to utilize a variety of items as tools for learning.  They are free to use these from any area in the room.  After play, they sort these back to areas of the room where they are housed.  This is no small task for 4 and 5 year old children.  It’s a great journey into responsibility.

IMG_5537 acquarium cleaning

Another unique exploration began on Thursday afternoon and continued into Friday afternoon.  The children took jars from the construction zone.  They also located some aquatic animals.  They filled the jars with water and animals.  The story was that these were small aquariums.  The play scenario was about cleaning the aquariums.   Amazing conversation between the children as they played in this area with these materials about cleaning techniques, problem that they encountered, and always empathy for the animals.


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