Pleasing to Our Eyes and Soothing to the Soul

IMG_5249natural items
With spring here and the ground no longer covered with snow, the children are collecting natural items with even greater excitement.  The above photo shows a pile of items.  These items will are explored and treasured.  Some are taken to the classroom and used in areas of our room.  Some of the items stay outside to be used in outside play.  Eventually all of the items end up back in nature.  This is another example of repurposing items enabling our world to be healthier/greener.  I say this a lot, but it’s so true – Nature Provides the Children with What They Need for Play, and it’s free for their use.  The items are used as props for play, prompts for writing, manipulatives for math, art, messages, in every area of our room.  We are lucky to have nature as our friend.  We are lucky that the children are so smart to understand this.  Natural times can become beautiful center pieces.  Nature always adds beauty wherever it is placed.  It’s pleasing to our eyes and soothes our souls through touch.

IMG_5247natural items


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