Serious Work

IMG_5353obersvation deck

When we take children seriously, they begin to take their own work more seriously.  As children realize that, they are even more motivated to explore, continue existing work,  and construct new work.  In order to protect their work, two students asked for help in making signs that would announce to anyone entering the Lollipop room that this was a work in progress.  This project stayed up all weekend and was continued on Monday.  That was a commitment.  With the break of the weekend, these two students came back to school with a strong desire to continue to work on their project.  The other children and the adults in the room respect that.



2 thoughts on “Serious Work

  1. Thanks for respecting this. I was there, hurrying Luca to leave, it was late and they asked Ms. Oats to put the signs. She so lovingly addressed their request and they both left assured that their work of art would stay there. How many times we struggle with kids when it’s tome to move on to the next activity and this simple act made the whole imposition of leaving, acceptable for the kids who could have stayed there for hours.

    • Clara, thank you so much for your comment. We are all learners together, and the children teach us so much as we make this journey with them. How lucky we are to be surrounded by them! Darrell

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