Lollipop Democracy

IMG_5108 voting


The children have been working on a pattern project that has been unfolding since October.   The project encompasses so many facets of learning, and it is becoming quite complex.

A group of 6 children just completed a collaborative composition of a song with the 2 Performing Arts teachers.  I got to watch the magic happen.  I sat in a corner and documented the events.  You can read about it in a binder entitled, “More Pattern Work” in the Lollipop Room.

In the above photo you see some tally marks under the words Yes and No.  The children couldn’t decide if they should keep “Gerald”, a character in their song.  So they decided to ask their friends to help them make the decision.  As you can see, “Gerald” was saved as a hero in the song.  This is a perfect example of how we let the children make decisions.  When they understand that we take them seriously, they take their work seriously.  They know that they have the power to make important decisions, and that we’ll allow that decision-making to happen.

Children were very happy with the decision.  Even those who voted No were happy because they had a voice in the decision.

The children will regroup next week to review the work in progress and decide how to continue to develop this project.  We think that another group might transcribe the song.  We’ll keep you posted.


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