Always My Number One Wish for Them Is Happiness!

IMG_5037 art

IMG_5038 art

One of the many joys for this teacher is the unfolding of stories as they happen right in front of his eyes.  The above photos show an example of that. There are so many venues to tell stories in the Lollipop room.  There are so many materials to make stories happen in the Lollipop room.  These are beginning to merge, and the stories are becoming more detailed, complex, and more sophisticated.  I am certain you are viewing the same thing at home as right in front of our eyes, miracles are happening each day as the children are growing in their ability to make their stories known.  Some are even bold and brave enough to use inventive spelling.  All in good time with a healthy does of patience and support, our children are becoming what we want for them – happy, skillful storytellers.  Storytellers turn into readers.  And I can only imagine what these Lucky Lollipops will be as one day they make their mark in history!  Always my number one wish for them is HAPPINESS!


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