One Lucky Teacher

IMG_4682King Crab's stones

Lovingly, the children selected just the right stones – polished, shapes, textures, colors, sizes – some of their criteria for King Crab’s grave.  They are determined to seeing that King Crab, their big, old crab friend – has a proper and dignified grave site.  They washed the stones, examined them, marveled at them, wondered where they came from, or how long they might last, and boy-o-boy would King Crab love them.  As I write this post, I am one big smile just thinking about their empathy and commitment to a friend that gave them so much joy.

Children are endless bounties of empathy and LOVE, and I get to live in that environment everyday.  I am one lucky teacher!

This week the children painted the stones to be placed on King’s grave.  Maybe they might take you there one day and tell you about their friend, the King Crab!  Pets and children bring joy to each other and if we listen we get to share in that joy.




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