Children Lose Themselves in Joy and Laughter


IMG_4721path in the snow


The children are wise.  They know that happiness comes through embracing whatever life brings their way.  I’ve heard lots of moans and groans from adults about the cold, but the children embrace the cold.  Their laughter and joy warms my heart as I think about the love that they have for a variety of weather.  It’s a phenomenon conjuring up all kinds of hypotheses, especially when the weather is extreme.  Their curiosity is contagious!  This week they took to the snow with all the gusto they could muster.  The more they played, explored, rolled in it, slid down hills on it, the happier and more energetic they became.  At times I lost myself in their play, thinking back many, many years ago to when I was a child and was engaged in that kind of joyous play where all is right with the world.  Children have that right- to be happy, to play, to lose themselves in joy and laughter.



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