Sketching and Painting Nature as a GIFT OF LOVE

IMG_3999Christmas cactus

The children sketched our Christmas cactus while it was in full bloom.  Totally irresistible – who couldn’t resist picking one or two of these beautiful blooms.  The children sketched the cactus first using pencil and paper.  They were encouraged to look at the cactus from different angles to decide where they wanted to sit to sketch it.  Each picture would look different depending on where they sat.  After sketching the cactus, they were encouraged to paint their sketches.  The children signed the cards and  placed them in homemade envelopes to be given as holiday cards to their families.

IMG_4001Christmas cardsHere are the completed paintings.  As my colleagues came in during the week, they just couldn’t believe that 4 and 5 year old children created such detailed work.  I am sure that you’ll feel this GIFT OF LOVE when you receive it.


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