LOVE, CARE, HOPE, AND PATIENCE create another season of BLOOM!

IMG_4147amarylisHappy Holidays to all of the parents in the Lucky Lollipop room!  I feel so fortunate to be a part of this extended family.  In the above photo you can see an amaryllis that is about 7 years old.  It bloomed for 2 years and then it stopped.  Every year, regardless of whether or not it bloomed, we continued to care for it.  My classes through the years continued to love it.  We gave it proper care, and we waited.  Though there was a 4 year gap where nothing happened we continued to hope.  And then last year, it surprised us all – it BLOOMED!  What a lesson for the children and me!  LOVE, CARE, HOPE, and PATIENCE created another season of BLOOM!

A special thanks for all the support that you show to us every single day!  Thanks for all of the cards, gifts, hugs, handshakes, smiles, and LOVE that you extended to us during this holiday season!  I can hardly wait until we are back together for the New Year!





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