An Unfolding Loving Collaborative

IMG_4061Grand Oaks


We have a collaborative project with OASIS/Grand Oaks Senior Adult living.  Our friends from OASIS come every Wednesday of the month.  What a joyful time it is for us!  We’re learning about intergenerational empathy.  The children are strong empathetic teachers.  They are quite willing to cross boundaries.  They show that every day as they express empathy for living beings and nonliving materials.  Seniors (like me, Mr. Smith) and young (like the Lucky Lollipops)  are two groups that have much to offer each other.  This collaborative is one I love watching unfold.

IMG_4035Christmas Cards GRand OaksThe Lollipops are learning that messages and gifts are two great ways to show caring and love.  The above photo shows some holiday cards signed by the Lollipops and presented as a gift to our OASIS friends.



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