A Squirrel’s Brunch

IMG_3981squirrels brunchOn a sunny, icy, cold day last week we trekked out to the hill where the children love to play.  Ice and snow remained frozen creating provocations.  Not only did the sun, ice and snow bring the children out to play; it also brought out the squirrels.  In the above photo the children decided that this was a squirrel’s brunch.

IMG_3977snow tree

IMG_3970snow treeThe weight of ice and snow on tree limbs last week brought down a huge tree limb.  Though the children were sad that the tree had lost a limb, they had great fun exploring, climbing, and playing underneath it.  You can see a couple of children playing among the branches of the limb.

IMG_3965snow play

Though we didn’t have as much snow as the children hoped for, the above photo shows one child’s love for nature’s wonder – snow.  A sea of snow to gaze upon under a giant tree limb out in nature – what more could a child wish for?

IMG_3851bootsOf course, to be able to enjoy the cold and snow, the children need protection.  In the above photo you can see lined up boots after snow play.  Thanks for checking the weather and choosing suitable gear for outdoor play.  This is an activity that the children can do independently or in collaboration with you.



IMG_3940clayThis week we explored clay in our art studio.  It’s a new language for the children.  As the above photos show, they pounded, cut, and rolled clay.  They dialogued about its properties and how it might be used as a language.  As the children become more comfortable and experience the clay, they can use it as another expressive language.

IMG_3935pumpkin plants

Several weeks ago the children planted pumpkin seeds – not ideal pumpkin planting time.  The children discovered that when conditions are right pumpkins can grow out of season.  The pumpkin seeds are thriving under a grow lamp and watered daily.IMG_3929christmas cactus

We have a Christmas cactus growing in our room.  It has reached its blooming peak.  In the above photo you can see some of the paintings that the children have completed.  They were encouraged to sketch the cactus as they sat in different places around the table.  After sketching the cactus they added tempura paint.



Our drama/housekeeping center has always been popular.  In the above photos you can view two of the activities that might happen – setting a table after preparing a meal or for afternoon tea and choosing items for either cooking or shopping.  Lots of dialogue and collaboration happen here.  Recipes are born here.  Holiday meals are prepared here.  Language, literacy, collaboration, creativity and math all develop in this area.



IMG_3917tilesIn the above photos you can view work happening in our construction area.  On this particular day, the children are using small pieces of wood, wooden napkin rings, and tiles.  If you hear clanking when you are in our room, it just might be the tiles tiles tumbling down or being arranged in some fashion to enhance a construction project.

IMG_3858provocationThe above photo represents an example of a provocation that was set up one morning.  The children were being encouraged to use a variety of materials – natural items from the outdoors, blocks from our block center, tiles from our construction zone, a license plate from Louisiana, a horse from the animal basket, and some plastic peanut butter jars.

IMG_3845iglooOne day last week as we were exploring the letter I (igloo), several of the children seemed to have a keen interest in the igloo.  Perfect timing since we had snow and ice outside.  We’re listening to see if this interest grows and where these wonderings might take us.


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