Ceramic Tiles and Dinosaurs

IMG_2861nature area

Nature is such as important part of our curriculum that we decided to add this nature area to our classroom.  It’s been a big hit!  The children use the area to explore the outside world inside our classroom.  Nature in the Lucky Lollipop room is transient.  They are free to add to and delete any items that they feel are important or have been thoroughly investigated.    The items are used for sorting, math, literacy, art, science, and the study of our community – social studies.  Feel free to bring in items of interest.  Just this week we added a molted crab shell and a butterfly found by one of our students. 

IMG_2732tilesCeramic tiles have been a big hit in our classroom.  We don’t actually tell the students how to use them, we let them explore and decide how best to use them.  They sound cool as they clank together making bell-like sounds.  They can be used for exploring patterns.  Coupled with magna tiles and dinosaurs in the above photo, they lend themselves to a creative story in the making.  The texture of the tiles adds to interesting dialogue between the children.  What do dinosaurs and ceramic tiles have in common?  Did the materials that make up the tiles exist during prehistoric times?  Children take these questions seriously and try to make sense of them.  They’ll come up with an answer.



This pumpkin was plucked from the ground when we traveled to the pumpkin patch recently.  It’s still beautiful in spite of the fact that the leaves and stem are slowly turning brown and withering away.  The energy stored inside the pumpkin keeps it alive and looking as beautiful as the day it was plucked from the ground.  As I see this amazing work of nature I am reminded of the miracle of children and the energy that they bring to our lives.  They are powerhouses of stored energy.  We are entrusted with the awesome task of recharging this energy through learning provocations in daily living.



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