Outdoors: A Place for Identifying, Creating, and Extending Patterns

IMG_2464 PatternsLast week a small group of children went outside to continue a study about patterns.  The children decided that they had done a lot of work with patterns inside the classroom but that they would like to go outdoors to explore patterns in nature.  In the above photo the children collected natural items and created and extended a pattern using stones and twigs.

IMG_2506 PatternsIn the above photo the children looked at the bark of this tree and decided that there were many patterns found there.  The lines in the bark created patterns.  The grass growing out of the bark created patterns.  Insects on the tree create a pattern.  Taking the time to really observe lends itself to finding unusual patterns.  This is a lesson that’s not so difficult for children.  They DO take the time to observe.  We should try taking that time in our own lives, and I am certain that we might see amazing sights that will WOW us.


The children went outdoors with clipboards, paper, and pencils.  They were instructed to record the patterns that they found.  This is no easy feat for 4 year old children.  They also had the use of a digital camera.  In the above photo you can see one student sketched the pattern that was seen.  The outdoors activity was an extension of our pattern work with a small group of students.  It helped to get them in touch with nature.  They were using their visual observation skills.  In addition they were asked to rethink what they had seen and to record it on paper.

Kudos to the Lucky Lollipops for such amazing work!


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