Patterns Abound!

IMG_2113 Patterns

The above picture shows the children working on patterns.  The challenge was to create and extend patterns or to find existing patterns and to extend those patterns.

In the morning as the children arrive, provocations have been created for the children, hoping that they will use them as points of interest to extend their learning experiences.

An example of a more challenging pattern this week was a provocative pattern using animals with horns and animals without horns.  Another one was wild animals and farm animals.  The children named patterns in both of these provocations, but they did not see the more specific detailed patterns of horns and no horns or wild and farm animals.

As we continue to work with patterns for the next couple of works and throughout the year, they will begin to become more specific in how they name the patterns.

As they write in their noticing books at home, encourage them to write about patterns that they see in your home and in nature.

Use pieces of nature and other manipulatives to help them see patterns.  They can write about these in their noticing books using art.  You could create the pattern and have them extend the pattern or you could have them create and extend their own patterns.

The most important thing about these kinds of challenges is that they are fun and not threatening.  They will need your encourage and support.


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