Gathering Materials and Putting Them Away Create a Circle of Responsible Learning

Mixing things up in the block area

Mixing things up in the block area

As you can see from the above photo, our hard block center has a variety of materials from which the children draw upon in creating construction project sites.  This learning yields big rewards that go beyond the Pre K experience.

When school began in August, the children were building in the hard block area using mainly the hard blocks.  As they began to feel comfortable with that material, more and more materials were added to the area.

As the children make up a plan, they are encouraged to seek out other materials as needed from other areas of the classroom, including the closet.  The key here is a plan.  They are expected to know what architectural structure they’re creating and find materials to make that happen.  Therefore, they need to be keenly aware of what is available.

After the plan is made, and the materials are gathered, creation begins.  Upon completion, which might take a short period of time or the whole morning, the children are expected to share their learning with a small group or with the whole group in a sharing activity with a question and answer period.

A major part of the learning is being responsible for putting back the materials in an orderly fashion in the place where they were borrowed.  The more the children practice this type of learning circle, the better they get at it. Choices given to the children make them more powerful, and therefore give them more responsibility, motivating a greater spirit of accountability in handling more and more materials.

You are always invited to see this learning in action.

More mixing up things in construction

More mixing things up in the block area


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