A Sing-a-long with our Sibley Friends

Our Sibley Friends going home

Our Sibley Friends going home

This week the children and their Sibley friends shared time with a sing-a-long, lunch, and book sharing.  Two teachers from our school provided music for our sing-a-long.  One teacher played the piano and another teacher played the guitar.

One of the featured songs was “This Little Light of MIne”.  The children sang the song and added places that their lights could shine.  This is a song that we sing often.  We talk about how our lights can shine and where they might shine.  The children say that our lights should shine by helping each other, caring for each other, loving each other, and playing with each other.  They suggested that our lights should shine at Horace Mann in our classroom, in P.E., in Performing Arts, in Science, on the tot lot, and in all-school morning meetings.

Their lights surely did shine on this day with their Sibley Friends.  They gave lots of hugs and smiles to their friends.  They enjoyed good conversations over lunch.  They shared books together.

If you’d like to see more pictures of our Sibley/Horace Mann time together, check out our documentation board in our classroom, or you can check out our daily slideshow playing somewhere in the classroom.


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