Creating Messages for our Friends

Making greeting cards for our Sibley Friends

Making greeting cards for our Sibley Friends

Empathy and friendships are two of our big themes this year.  The two naturally go hand in hand.  We are growing daily in both of these, and I am bursting at the seams with pride at our children at how they have embraced both of these important aspects of life.  As these two become part of their lives, learning and everything else just seems to fall into place.  We all seem happier about life in general.  And isn’t that what life is all about anyway, being happy?!

This week we had lunch with our friends from Sibley Hospital.  We shared family photos with them, had good conversations over lunch, and read a book with them.

Our big project during their visit was making greeting cards for them to use to send home to their families.  The cards that were created were every bit as beautiful and original as anything you might find in a Hallmark shop.  Our friends left feeling so happy that they could send these home to their families to let them know how they were doing.  We all felt fulfilled that we had more time with our friends – we got to know them better.  We felt happy that we used our languages to create greeting cards.  Practice in our message center prepared us for this task.

Next time you come to our classroom, stop by our message center and write a message to someone to tell them that you love them.  You’ll walk away feeling happy like we do every day that we create messages in our message center.

Empathy and friendship should be nurtured and practiced.  When these two become a part of our lives, we just become happier, more productive, and all around better citizens of our community and our world.

DSC00035 sibley greet cards

Creating messages for our friends


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