Holiday Tree

Our tree with ornaments made from

 Our holiday tree with original ornaments made from natural and man-made items


A big lesson that the children and the adults in the room are learning this year is to use materials wisely after they have been introduced and explored and to respect the materials.  Our holiday tree was brought to us by one of our students who is becoming quite an expert nature explorer with a love for natural materials.  This student often brings in items that he knows can be used in our nature/sensory room or somewhere else in the classroom.  His love of nature is contagious, and his parents are nurturing that love.  Kudos!  The ornaments on the tree are made from pine cones, soybeans, cotton, twigs, dried flowers, beads, and ribbon, just to name a few of the items used.  Hopefully, these made it home safely to you and are hanging proudly on your holiday tree.  The children collected materials first, then decided which ones to use on their ornament, and used a hot glue gun to secure the ornaments on the cones.  Complex and brave work for 4 year old children.


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