Our New Friend – A Witch Hazel Tree

DSC08949  witch hazel tree

A young witch hazel tree in a water box

Our school is planting lots of new trees lately.  Each grade level got to witness the planting of one of the trees.   The pre k classes planted a witch hazel tree using the water box technique.

Timing for planting this tree was perfect.  Remember that we just lost a big tree in our play space.  This morning we talked about how that tree was twice the age of Mr. Smith – 117 years old.

Peter, a friend in our community, who knows a lot about this special technique of planting trees using water boxes helped us to plant the trees.

The children would like to learn more about the witch hazel tree.    Parents, you could do some research with them at home to help them learn more about the witch hazel.   You could take pictures, read about the tree, try to find one in your community, and write about the tree.  A good place to record this research is in their noticing books.  It would be great if the children could share this parent/child cooperative learning project with us here at school.

Examples of skills that might be used when working with this project:

science, math, research, literacy, social studies, and art.


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