As a Parent Where Can I Find the Core Values of the Reggio Emilia Approach?

Here is a link to an article that can be helpful to you as parents:


It is most helpful in that it highlights the core values of Reggio inspired teaching.

I’ll mention each one with my own interpretation.

  1. The child is an active participant in learning.  Quite the opposite of what we find in many classrooms where the child sits and listens while the teacher fills him/her with information so that he/she is ready to take a test.  Though the curriculum is led by student interest the teacher is an active participant in facilitating the learning.  Teaching happens through project learning where math, science, language arts, performing arts, and visual arts happen simultaneously instead of in isolation creating learning that makes strong connections.
  2. The significance of the environment.  Much care is given to the classroom environment.  Children are bathed in natural light shining through big windows.  There are green plants all about the room.  High quality materials are available for the children to use in projects.  Children know that they are valued in this place due to the surroundings provided for them.
  3. The teacher, the parent, and the child are collaborators in the process of learning.  Parents are invited and expected to become a part of the learning process.  They’re listened to and provided resources to participate in the learning that happens with their children.
  4. Making learning visible.  The classroom is transparent in that there are traces everywhere about the learning that takes place.  This happens through documentation panels, videos, portfolios, and projects.   Children and parents are often quoted in documentation giving evidence of authenticity.





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