Gift of Light Project

A parent in our class proposed to include us in a project that she is working on entitled, “Shine the Light”.  She is making a documentary about solar lamps that are being brought to Haiti.  We like the thinking that goes into projects.  For this project, I am envisioning that our students will deepen their understanding of math, language arts, science, social studies, and art – both visual and performing arts – skills.

We decided to ask our other pre k class to join us in this project since one of our intentions this year is to become good friends with them and to learn how to communicate with them on many levels.  A project like this will deepen our friendships and develop our communication skills.

The parent visited our class this week during our morning meeting to introduce the project.  She showed us how the lamps work.

Parent letters went out to invite all of our parents to take part in this project along with their children.  Parents will have the opportunity to purchase a solar lamp to be sent to Haiti.  Students will personalize the lamps and become buddies with the children who get the lamp.  The project is in the beginning stages so we aren’t sure where it will go.  We love open-ended projects.

We began to have meetings and conversations about this project during the day.  The first thing that we want to do is experience what it is like to be in the dark, without lights.  The children decided that we need to make the classroom dark.  This is a real challenge since we have big windows and great outside natural light.

The children’s first suggestion was to darken the room with big sheets of black construction paper.  We tried to do this, but it just didn’t make the room dark enough.  The children are thinking about this while they are home for the weekend.

Noticing the contrast between light and dark


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